The Best Of Both Worlds: Ballet & Hip Hop

It’s difficult to decide on what you want to pursue first when there are lots of things in your mind. This is normal, even if the things you want seem to be contradictory. The stiff body you need for hip hop plus the soft and flexible movements for ballet can both be attained. The only question you have for yourself right now is: Can you do it? See how you can get the best of both worlds of ballet and hip hop.

Hip Hop: The Thrilling & Exciting Way
If you are thirsty for the fun and upbeat groove, then hip hop is what you’re looking for. There are actually a lot more genres of hip hop for you to discover. A lot of surprises can be found with this type of dance and there are really no rules! Get creative with steps and you might make a great masterpiece on your own. Having a Dance Class can guide you through this. You can get to prance along the funky music with a lot of friends, and you’ll surely enjoy this.

Ballet: The Exhilarating Combination Of Strength & Grace
This form or dance will really need your patience. Do you remember that time when you watched a ballet performance and noticed how seemingly easy it is for the dancer? Well, underneath the stunning performance of the dancer lies years of training. Just like hip hop, ballet has also different types such as contemporary and classical. Although there are already a lot of steps in ballet that comes along with names, you can still step up and be creative with the combinations and perhaps add your own twist to it. Ballet is a perfect representation of both strength and grace. This beautiful form of dance is admired by many as well.